Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the day for me

So my car has this button that has Sirius XM Satellite Radio and I subscribed to it after getting a free trail. Channel 19 is ELVIS.

This morning, 1st song that played as I pull out of the driveway?

Marie's The Name (His Latest Flame) - man, its one of my all time favorite Elvis songs. I LOVE IT. What a great way to start the day.

Love me my Elvis radio ! Thanks Sirius!

How to be Happy

Accept Yourself
Without self-acceptance, you will limit and block how much happiness, prosperity, love, and success you will enjoy.  The miracle of self-acceptance is that if you are willing to accept that happiness already exists in you, you will begin to experience more happiness around you.
Follow Your Joy
There is a world of difference between searching for happiness and following your joy.  Following your joy is about listening to your heart’s desires, noticing what truly inspires you, and recognizing your soul’s purpose.  A good starting point is to reflect on the question “When am I at my happiest?”  
Choose Happiness
Try to find the place in your mind where you have already decided how good today will be, how good this year will be, how good your life will be.  Are you happy with your decision?  Set a positive intention right now to let today be even more enjoyable than you thought it was going to be.
Free Happiness
A lot of happiness is overlooked because it doesn’t cost anything.  If you think money will buy you happiness, you will go shopping for the rest of your life and never be completely satisfied. To enjoy some free happiness, make a list of everything in your life that costs no money and is totally priceless - like laughter, friendship, meditation, air, kindness, and the stars at night. 
Love Someone
To be happy, all you have to do is be the most loving person you can be. People who give their best time, energy, and attention to their most important relationships experience more happiness. Stop the busyness, and think about who you would like to spend more time with, acknowledge more, and have more fun with. 
Forgive NOW
Sometimes in order to be happy now you have to be willing to give up all hopes for a better past. Living happily ever after starts with forgiveness. You can’t keep carrying a grievance and hope to be happy. Happiness is a gift you give yourself because it sets you free.
Vocal Gratitude
Say out loud three things you are grateful for. Do this right now, before you go on reading this article. Gratitude is often referred to as the shortest shortcut to happiness.  The more grateful you are, the happier you will feel. 
Beware Martyrdom
A martyr believes they have to sacrifice themselves and happiness in order to enjoy the good things in life.  When you try to play the martyr, you lose and so does everyone else.  Be kind to yourself.  Life always gets better when you treat yourself better.
Be Present
Living in the “not now” is a chief cause of unhappiness. In the English language, the word “present” has three distinct meanings:  “here”, “now” and “a gift”.  The more present you are in each moment, the more happiness you will find. Happiness is where you are.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I want to believe....

I want to believe that the world is good

I want to believe that there is more good than bad

I want to believe that for every negative we hear on the news there are hundreds of positives

I want to believe in humanity
I want to believe that there are good people

I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and not be called naive for doing so

I want to know that there are people who want to make a difference in other lives and do!!

I want to know that there is a whole lot of Love in our World.


Have hope . Because it works wonders for those who have it. Be optimistic. Because people who expect things to turn out for the best often set the stage to receive a beautiful result.
Count your blessings. Be inspired to climb your ladders and have some nice , long talks with your wishing stars. Be strong and patient , gentle and wise.
Believe in happy endings. Because you are the author of the story of your life.


Hope is not the closing of your eyes to the difficulty , the risk, or the failure.
It is a trust that - if I fail now- I shall not faill forever ; and if I am hurt , I shall be healed.
It is a trust that life is good , love is powerful , and the future is full of promise.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cultivating Happiness

We always seem to want those things we don't have. Moreover, we are often convinced that if we had those things we want so badly, we would finally be happy.
Singles who want to be in a relationship often believe once they are in one they will finally be happy. Those in shaky relationships hope their relationship will work out, because having worked it out will finally make them happy.
"I will be happy when I am in love." "I will be happy when he/she does really loves me."  "I will be happy when I know he or she is committed to me."  "I will be happy when my husband/wife is more considerate."  Sound familiar?
The truth is that happiness is an attitude. It's not something created by outside circumstances, but instead is completely within your control.  This means that you can be happy regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not.  You can be happy regardless of whether your relationship is working out or not.  If fact, if you cultivate happiness, your relationship will improve.
You will not get that deep sense of satisfaction and happiness you crave just by getting or improving a relationship.  Nothing will give you that sense of happiness, unless you cultivate it consciously.
Is the glass half empty or half full?  Life and relationships work better when the glass is half full.  Below are some simple yet specific steps you can take to cultivate happiness and see the glass half full, regardless of your relationship status.

1. Be grateful
Create a sense of gratitude for what you have, for what is working, for what is wonderful and sweet in your life.  A morning or evening gratitude list, written each day, can do wonders for helping you feel grateful.
2. Take care of yourself
Identify the small things in life that make you feel good, and do one daily.  A short walk, a few minutes of writing in your journal, a short meditation, watching the sunset.  Whatever reminds you that you are a human being and not a human doing will improve your outlook on life.
3. Be creative
Creativity and self-expression generate happiness.  Schedule some creative time each day, even if it's just a few minutes of writing, painting, sculpting, etc.
4. Move
Moving our bodies generates feel-good hormones called endorphins.  Move a little every day to stay happy.
5. Get someone to take care of you
It feels good to be taken care of, even in small ways.  Get a massage, a manicure, someone to carry your groceries, launder your clothes, or fix something for you.
6. Read inspirational material
It helps to be reminded of positive thoughts and positive attitudes.  Get a small book of positive, inspirational thoughts and keep it by your desk.  Read one or two thoughts each day.
7. Contribute
Stand up for something that matters to you.  Contributing, making a difference feels good.  It boosts your self-esteem, your gratitude and feeling of well being.
8. Get some time
I know this one is hard, especially if you are a single parent.  But if you are determined, you can find some time every day to just be.  Make sure you do this - it will make a big difference in your ability to be happy.
9. Be in nature
Nature rejuvenates and restores the human spirit.  Whether your brand of nature is mountains or the ocean, give yourself the gift of visiting it frequently.
10. Be happy
No matter how many wonderful things you do to create a positive, happy, satisfied life, you could still end up unhappy.  Ultimately, happiness, gratitude, a feeling of satisfaction is a choice.  People often do not choose happiness.  Many feel refusing to be happy will somehow get them what whey want, like a child holding his breath.  Holding your breath will not get your what you want.  It is happiness that attracts.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Greetings Land of Osbourne audience,

I figured I'd posted quite enough enlightening and uplifting food for thought type posts and would toss in some fluff for good measure. I know you love that stuff.

I had surgery on my right knee on May 30th. Evidently I stopped breathing again. Strange how that happens when I am hospitalized. While helping me get dressed after surgery, John was having some trouble and he said to the nurse: "I guess I am better at getting her clothes off than putting them back on again" - LOL.

Following surgery, Mom came and hung out with me and was my "step & fetch it" - Ozzy and Katie LOVED having their Grandma there. I had some issues with Cambridge Medical Center (again), and have now resolved to take my services elsewhere (as I should have done long ago - Heather was right);  John will also be taking his services elsewhere as well.

Anyway, I was off work a week and a half - very boring - although I did purchase a used laptop so I was able to do a teeny bit of work from home. I was back to work on June 11th.

I have been going to physical therapy three times a week - doing awesome if I do say so myself. I have my full range of movement back - am currently working on stregthening so I don't have to go through this crap ever again. I can't wait to start using my elliptical again.

I went and saw the movie "Magic Mike" with my friend Kim. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing Yep. Good movie. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Work is going good - I am busy and happy. I love learning new things. I still long to go to school to learn how to be a professional computer geek but I don't want to add any debt to my life at this point so for now it will be a dream.

Take care friends!
April Osbourne


Begin telling the story of your desire, and then add to it the details of the positive aspects that you can find that match those desires. And then embellish your positive expectation by speculating with your good-feeling Wouldn't it be nice if . . . ? examples.

You can say things like: Only good things come to me. . . I'll figure it out as I go along. . .. Every time you tell your better-feeling story, you will feel better and the details of your life will improve. The better it gets, the better it gets