Friday, December 8, 2017

Minnesota Winter Driving

​So, as you've no doubt surmised by this point, I live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes (its actually closer to 14,000 lakes), and 10,000 feet of snow every winter. (slight exaggeration) 

When I was young and stupid, I drove a Camaro, and the first year I owned it I made the not so bright decision to drive it during the winter. Its worth noting that my husband John has driven Camaro's in the winter as well. 

Camaro's are rear wheel drive, and are NOT designed for winter travel in any way shape or form. ​Regardless if you put lots of weight in the rear end (another winter time must) it will simply not do well.  

A few years down the road, I also owned a really nice Mustang. Having driven a Camaro in the winter, John and I knew it wouldn't do well, so we had no plans of driving it, however we did have to move it from one parking lot to another one winter day and we were shown how poorly Mustangs do. Worse than Camaros in fact. 

So, if you see a sports car this winter driving in the snow and ice, cut them some slack. It takes a LOT of patience and skill to drive one of these cars in the winter.  

I will say it did make a difference in how I drive in the winter after that, as I drive much more carefully than I think I normally would, and I can say with complete certainty that John is the best winter driver I've ever known. I think the sports car driving in the winter really made all the difference.