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7 Things

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Bones, on Fox

Back in 2005, I started watching television show, Bones. 

I've been a fan ever since. 

I've cultivated numerous online relationships which stemmed from the common love of the show, the characters, the story lines, all of it. I've even written some fan fiction under my pen name riviera41797 - although nothing recently. 

Every year as television show renewal and cancellations came up, Bones fans of the world waited, hoping for another year of Bones, and for 11 years, we were lucky. 

12 seasons of Bones, its been such a constant in my life. Television shows come and go, but Bones was always one I could count on as the new seasons began with shows that may or may not make it. I always knew, one day of the week, I had my favorite show, Bones. Didn't matter to me if it was on a Monday or a Friday. I was going to watch it, and my husband, friends and family knew not to bother me during Bones.

Bones has been my favorite show for the last 11 years, and will continue to be my favorite long after its gone. 

Special thanks to Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz who brought these characters to light in the best possible way.  Thanks also to Hart Hanson for "inventing" the characters and story lines.

I feel like I'm losing a friend as Bones end, but am thankful for the friendships its created, and am thankful for the DVDs I own! 

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Not Everyone

Not everyone thinks the way you think,

knows the things you know,

believes the things you believe, 

nor acts the way you would act. 

Remember this

and you will go a long way

in getting along with people

-Arthur Forman -

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Indian legend

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Two reasons

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New (used) Ford Focus

Hi All!

Since March of 2011, I've been driving my little silver Ford Focus SE, whom I named Freddy. Freddy has over 200,000 miles and still runs great. Its a little rough around the edges, but I own it.

I have 2 payments left on the Harley Davidson I bought for John, and knew we'd be needing something with lower miles, so that we don't run Freddy into the ground and be left with nothing.

John has been on the look out for a replacement for me, and found a 2013 Ford Focus SE, with 23,000 miles on it (wow! practically new!). I LOVE IT.

It has tons of bells and whistles, is an automatic transmission, air conditioning, even has a USB. Very nice. Its black, which gives me the excuse to wash it as often as I want. Clean black cars look awesome. Named my new car: Frank.

Welcome to the Osbourne family Frank!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Osbourne Family Update

​Greetings and Salutations! 

It seems like a good time to do an Osbourne Family Update. 

Lets start with John, aka King of the Husbands. He is doing great. His job is going well, he is busy and seems to have really found his niche and is thriving at his job. Although he does work 1/2 day every Saturday, it all works well, that gives me time to get my Saturday morning housework done, so when he finally does get home, we can enjoy our weekend together. I'm so proud of him!

Ozzy - my sweet little Boston Terrier who I love to pieces and spoil at every opportunity is doing good too. Recently, Jeanette, my mother in law moved out after getting married, so he does miss her. But she comes over and checks on him several times a day. She only lives like 3 miles from us, so its not a long drive, and Ozzy loves his Grandma Jeanette. :)

Birdie update - I have 9 Zebra Finches, 2 Shaft Tail Finches, and 1 lonely female Gouldian Finch. Birdies all doing well. Every other week I do a total bird cage overhaul. I have a very very large bird cage John customized for me. One of my simple pleasures, is after the weekend house work is done, I sit in my recliner, sip coffee or tea, and watch them. So relaxing. 

Recently, our Chilean Rose Tarantula, Charlotte died. ​ We adopted her when a friend of John's died, and his wife couldn't find anyone who wanted her. She figured since John has a Python, why wouldn't he want a Tarantula too? No idea how hold she was, but we gave her a good life. Its weird. I never held her, but I sort of miss having her around.  It was sort of cool to see her creep around her little tank.

We have a "pet" mouse I liberated from being snake food. John and I both bought baby Ball Pythons this winter, (Vincent and Susie) so they're eating mice. So, I have a little white mouse named Mickey that I evidently overfeed, as he is a little fat. Love him though. When I clean his tank, I put him in a little hamster ball and let him run around the house. Ozzy is curious but knows to leave him alone. :) 

Now for me. I am doing good. I feel more free and happier than I've been in a long time. I let go of the pain and hurt of the past and am concentrating on moving forward and the future. Without John, I never would have made it through the severe depression I was in. 
My best friend Kim was a lifesaver as well. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a caring, loving, trustworthy and steadfast friend as she is. I struggle with Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety, but she puts up with me anyway. I make it a point to try and hang out with her one Sunday a month. Kim is also Ozzy's Godmother. I know if anything were to happen to John and I, she would make sure he was taken care of. Ozzy loves his auntie Kim. :) 

Work is going well for me too. While every job has its challenges, I am happy with my job and feel thankful that I work where I do. 

John and I are looking forward to working on the house in the upcoming year or so. First up is our deck. We are going to strip, sand and paint it. It really needs it. Excited to see how it turns out. 

Hope you're all well. Drop me a line sometime! 


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Top ten myths about introverts

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My secret?

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This pretty much sums it up.

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Dear God


He looks so irritated, "enough with the camera!"

Wasn't sorry

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Just a dog, right?

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Out of storage!

Monkey bars


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The other serenity prayer

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

John Sabbath Osbourne, my love

​Hello Land of Osbourne readers, 

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness that is the love of my life, my soulmate, my kindred spirit, my very best friend, my husband, John. 

What prompted me to do this?

This morning, I texted him to see if he wanted to meet me for coffee at lunch. (I work 3 miles away from him, I can pick whatever time I go to lunch). There is a coffee shop across the road from Aaron Carlson where he works called: Diamonds. He texted me back the following: "Ok, I can't wait. I love you so much". 


Amazing right? Been with this guy since I was 19 years old. our 19th wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. I ask him to have coffee, he says  he can't wait. We ride share. We're together almost all the time, yet he still gets excited to see me. 

That, my friends, is true love. 

Being married to me, I'd imagine is difficult. (though you'd never know it from his perspective). I have anxiety, panic, and depression issues. Severe. I also have Crohn's disease and from time to time a myriad of other issues, yet he doesn't complain, but is here for me in every way, 150%. 

He's my friend, my love, psychologist, plumber, car mechanic, handy man, ​financial supporter, simply put, he's my all. 

Thank you John Osbourne, for being you, for being my love, and for not caring that I had a boyfriend when I met you. 

John quote: "I wasn't going to let a boyfriend get in my way of getting to date you"

Best thing in the WORLD that ever happened to me. 

Can't wait for April 17th!

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Don't believe

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Little April

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Ozzy, my Boston Terrier


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May We Meet Again

In peace may you leave this shore,

In love you may find the next,

Safe passage in your travels,

Until your final journey on the ground,

May we meet again.

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One or the other

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

God works in mysterious ways


Happy Birthday Bernie Matykiewicz

I hope you are having a great time in Heaven. I love you and miss you every day.

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For Mom

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Ever After

It's a short walk down the aisle 
To a life filled with laughter
A short walk down the aisle 
To a "happy ever after" 
 It's a short walk down the aisle 
To those long years together 
A short walk down the aisle 
To a lifetime of forever 
 Two little words softly spoken 
Starts your life anew 
It's a short walk down the aisle 
Till you have to say "I do"
 It's a short walk down the aisle
To a life filled with laughter 
A short walk down the aisle 
To a "happy ever after"

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Everyone feels things differently. Everyone processes events, situations, and interactions in their own unique way. 

Just because you don't think that you would react if you were in the same or similar situation doesn't make how I react or feel any less wrong or more right. 

I am at a place in my life right now, where I am rebuilding my self from the inside that was so shattered by loved ones. I no longer have room for negativity or narcissism or anyone with less than honorable intentions. 

I'm also done looking backwards and am trying to concentrate on looking forward.

I'm so very happy, content, and blessed to be where I am in my life. Of course there are some things that I wish were different or wish I could change, but that's life isn't it?

Thanks for reading.


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Osbourne Update

Greetings Land of Osbourne readers! 

I realize its been a while since I did a real live update, not a meme, or uplifting words. So here we go. 

Lets start with my (step)son Johnathan. He moved with his Mom to a teeny town in Wisconsin and with no promising employment options, he decided to enlist in the United States Army. So proud! I spoke to him recently, he is about 2 weeks away from leaving for basic training. Way to go kiddo!  

Had a wonderful Christmas and birthday. Low key, quiet, just the way I like it. John likes to try and get me every single thing on my "list", so this year, he did the same. Spoiled? Me? (wink)

I recently sprained my left ankle. John and I had just gotten home from doing the grocery shopping, and he had said that he'd take the garbage out after we were done putting stuff away. Me, trying (in vain, it seems) to be helpful, decided to take the garbage out while he worked on putting stuff away. As I went down the front staircase at home, I missed the last step to the landing, and fell, spraining my ankle. I haven't seen John move that fast since I passed out in Cub Foods years ago at the onset of my Crohns. He vaulted himself over the banister, and was at my side in what seemed like seconds. (probably making sure I didn't fall and break my neck).  My ankle is much better. I have an air cast, and every day it gets easier to walk. 

This upcoming weekend is the 125th anniversary party at Aaron Carlson. They're holding an event at the Mall of America on Saturday, so we're looking forward to going to that. 

Monday, John and I have tickets to the final Black Sabbath tour, 17th row, on the for in front of the stage. I got these (very expensive) tickets for John's birthday in October when they went on sale.  Thinking ahead, I requested Monday and Tuesday off work.  

Speaking of work - all good for both of us Osbournes, no complaints! :) 

My Boston Terrier Ozzy has skin allergies, and we've had a heck of a time getting things under control. We've determined it must be something he eats that he is allergic to, because his skin is itchy year round, not just when he has access to grass, etc in the back yard. We've narrowed it down to probably beef, so we try to avoid beef ingredients when possible, and were using coconut oil on his skin and ears. Stopped at the vet, they gave me an antibiotic/anti fungal spray to use on him in addition to the fish oil and claratin I give him daily - its like a miracle combination! He has no more itchys now and is a very happy boy!  

Hope you are all doing well, take care! 

April Osbourne

Saturday, January 16, 2016

So, for you, something to look forward to.

You know who you are, this one is for YOU.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

But first...

Love the old too!❤️

Those damn ducks!