Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So far, so good....?

So far so good - things seem stable at work (am I jinxing myself by saying that?)
For the most part I think I've got the basic functions down,  but I hate it when I make even the smallest mistake. We're moving to a different location (in Roseville, MN). Curious and slilghtly apprehensive about that.

I have a lot of things I'd like to talk about but can't. Not here.

Take care!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Return of April


Good news first:

Previously I mentioned Hunter Douglas coming in to shut down Warren Steven, and that most employees would be let go.

I was one of the VERY few who got to keep their job. I work in scheduling for installtions, measures and service calls. Stress level? NO comparison compared to what I was doing before. I enjoy working with Michelle, and so far, its all going well I think. I will officially have medical benefits next Thursday. (YAY!)

Bad News thus far for 2011:

Uncle Mikey died. Very very sad. :(

My sweet Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) Rommy died on March 25th. He was nearly 8 years old. He wasn't ill, or  injured. The day prior, he slipped and fell on our lower deck, but got up and came in.  The following morning, he slipped and fell again, but could not / refused to get up again.  John and I got him in the lower patio door, (he weighed over 160 pounds), layed him down on the floor, gave him some love, some pets and some cuddles. We thought he maybe pulled a muscle or something, and was a little shook up / scared about what happened. I let Katie downstairs to see him, then I gave him some rub-rubs, cuddles, told him I loved him and went to work. 1 hour later, after I got to work, my sweet Rommy bear crossed the rainbow bridge. I miss him every hour of every day. But I know he is happy and having a good time over on the other side and I'll see him again someday.

Love to you all,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday!

Welcome to 2011!

I can honestly say 2010 was a very tough year, and I am hoping that 2011 is way better.

Today is my birthday. I am actually starting to feel OLD.It sucks! 

John got me the following: 

Fringe Season 2 DVD
Glee Season 1 DVD
Pepsi - tee-shirt
Design Perfume (that comes w/a little bottle for my purse)
Intuition razor/bath set -mucho cool!
Oreo mousse birthday cake
Oreo ice cream
Birthday card that made my throat cry

From Jeanette:
Boston Terrier figurine
30 bucks cash

From Mom & Dad
Toy Story 3 DVD - (I really wanted this!)

In other news...

1st - our garage door opener bit the dust. What a pain in the ass.
2nd - found out that Hunter Douglas is going to come in and shut down Warren Steven - with the slight possibility that they'll keep some of the employees - damn I hope so. I can't be without insurance

I had  a fantastic new years eve with John.

Positive thoughts for the new year

much love,