Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elvis Presley - will always be my first, my last, my favorite.

Misha Collins - Crush # 4 - newest addition!

David Boreanaz - Crush # 3

Jensen Ackles - Crush # 2

Luke Perry - crush #1

Celebrity Crushes

My list of celebrity crushes has always been the following - starting with the 1st, working my way to the most recent.

1. Luke Perry - Loved that total bad ass Dylan McKay. He resembes my husband John slightly, and that husky, raspy voice? Oh yeah.

2. Jensen Ackles - Found him when I was a Dark Angel fan - he played Alec. Loved the way that hot bar code looked on the back of his neck. I suffered through Dawsons Creek, just to see him, then he was on Smallville, so of course I followed him there. Now he is on Supernatural as Dean. Love his sense of humor, although I loved his sense of humor on Dark Angel as Alec more.

3. Recent addition to the list - David Boreanaz, I developed a crush on him when I started watching Bones. I never planned on watching Bones, I might add, however my niece insisted I watch it, so we could "Talk about it together" - (which we never did by the way). Ironically, he resembles my ex boyfriend, Mark. When he was on Buffy and Angel, I never thought he was much to write home about - but I never watched those shows, I think because they were both on at the same time as something else I was watching. I didn't get the "hots" for him so to speak until he started playing Seeley Booth. Up until recently, he was my NUMBER one celeb crush (sorry Luke & Jensen)

4. Shocking, new celeb crush? Misha Collins. Wow. I so love his character Castiel on Supernatural. Those eyes? That mouth. His dramatic whispery voice, and entrances. (swoons).  I have actually sought out pictures of him on the internet, and found some AWESOME ones. (I'll post one for your viewing pleasure)

5. The one person who will ALWAYS be my number one crush though? Elvis Presley. Always.