Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Baby Goose

This is my first year without my Katie Goose.

We didn't get out our big indoor Christmas tree, we didn't bring in our assortment of beautiful ornaments, we didn't bring in our stockings with the names on them. We have a 12" tree sitting on our kitchen table.

Neither John or I wanted to bring the big tree, ornaments and stockings in. Neither of us wanted to see Katie's stocking that we wouldn't be hanging this year.

Every day I miss my Katie Goose.  Very much more so now, as I am not buying presents for my Goose.

John and I bought a little Boston Terrier ornament and put it over by where Katie's ashes are, that is our present to her and my sweet Rommy bear.

I just found out, that the neighbor who lives behind us, upon hearing of Katie's passing, cried and cried. I found out that she would play ball with my Gooser every day when I was at work. Such a special little dog.

Thank you God for allowing me to know and love Katie for the 12 years you did.

Merry Christmas Baby Goose,

Love, Mom & Dad