Monday, April 7, 2014

Moist Double Chocolate Muffins

Moist Double Chocolate Muffins

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boston Terrier

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

American Made Cars vs Foreign

So recently I was rear-ended, requiring me to relinquish my car to an auto body, and forcing me to drive a vehicle other than my own.

If this event had happened in the summer or fall, it wouldn't have been a problem, all I would have had to do is drive the 1993 Camaro Z28. However since the Camaro has very large racing tires, it didn't seem like a good idea to pull it out of storage to drive in this awful Minnesota winter.

I was authorized the use of a brand new Volkswagen Jetta. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably never have the chance to drive this type of car, because from the time I was a kid, it was impressed upon me the importance of buying an American made car, seeing as numerous family members, my Dad included, all held a job for Ford.

 Naturally most of the family drove Fords, not only because they're good, reliable cars, but because employees get a pretty nice discount on new cars. Plus, since they work for Ford, most of them worked on cars too, so it made sense.

Anyway, I really enjoyed driving the Jetta, much more so than I thought I would. I went as far as looking into costs, and things like that.

I got my car back on Monday, and it sure is nice to have it back. My Focus has snow tires, and the Jetta didn't, so I definately saw a difference there. In retrospect, I wonder if the reason I liked the Jetta so much isn't so much the brand per se, but the fact that it was brand new.

My car has 141,000 miles on it, and I know with the miles I drive everyday to and from work, it won't be long and it will be time to look for a new vehicle.  As of right now, here are the cars I'm considering:

Ford Focus
Ford Fiesta
Ford Fusion (Love this one)
Dodge Dart (Love this one too)
Volkswagen Jetta

Its nice not having a car payment though,and until we pay off the Harley Davidson, we can't afford a car payment anyway..

Thanks  for reading! :)