Monday, March 19, 2012

A thought for Monday

It's Monday. 

Some people don't like Monday. 

Take a moment to realize that, if you're reading this, it infers that since you own a computer and /or other internet device and have access to the internet, you probably live in a relatively wealthy and stable country, and are fiscally speaking, you're on sound ground for the most part. 

And no matter how bad your day may seem, no matter how much that late bill payment bothers you, no matter how you might dislike starting another work week, no matter how much your morning commute might get on your nerves, no matter how much the price of gas pisses you off, remember, there are still children starving in poor areas of the world,and there are still good people dying in stupid, meaningless wars, and there are still people suffering and perishing from what in OUR world are easily preventable diseases. 

And boy, all those people,they'd all just LOVE to be able to trade places with you. 

Now, sip your hot morning coffee, eat your nice nourishing, yummy breakfast, take a good look around your safe and comfortable room, and thank God or whatever, that you live where you do, and reassess your day. 

Oh, and have a good one. =]


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