Wednesday, May 21, 2014

April Update

So, I am sure that if you have read anything on my blog, you are aware I have severe Crohn's Disease (Crohn's Colitis to be specific), and that I have had it for years. (2001 I was diagnosed). I think I've dealt with it fairly well, all things considered. I am happy to say I've been in a fairly strong remission for several years now, and hope to continue to stay there. I've been on IV infusions every 6 weeks of Remicade. 

Anyway...since around November of last year I've been having issues with nausea. I didn't mention it to my "team" of doctors, because I figured it would go away. Well, it didn't. 

In late March, I finally let the doctors know about this nausea thing. They did an upper GI (they stick a tube with a camera on it down my throat), that came back okay, then they did this stomach emptying thing, where they feed me, x-ray my stomach, wait an hour, x-ray, wait another hour, x-ray, etc.  Found out I have "Gastroparisis".


Part of my stomach has nerve damage and is paralyzed. How the HELL did that happen you wonder? Yeah, me too.  It can be from GERD, which I do have.  

No cure, (of course), and they CAN give you medicine to help the digestive process along, or you can try and control it with diet. That is my plan of attack. I've already lost 10 pounds, and am hoping to lose more with this new issue. I eat 1 smallish meal a day and the rest of the day I drink liquids. My appetite is pretty much non existent, so its not like I am suffering or anything.  If I were skinny as a rail and this came up, I'd probably be a little more upset about it, but as it is, I am going to use this opportunity to shed a few extra pounds.  

Thank GOD for great health insurance. 


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