Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August Osbourne Update

Greetings and Salutations Land of Osbourne Readers! 

Hope everyone is having a good summer and things are going great for you. 

Thought I'd update you all on my thrilling life.  

John bought me a huge bird cage for our 17th wedding anniversary this year, for my 2 Lady Gouldians and 2 Shaft Tail finches. 4 tiny little birdies in a 5' tall x 4' wide x 2' deep is a lot of room for those little guys, so I found a bird rescue organization in Circle Pines, and adopted 2 Society finches, and 2 Zebra Finches. I named them "George and Weezy" and "Snow and Ice". I was a little worried about adding them to the cage and the birds fighting, but we're almost to week 3 and everyone is getting along great. I love their little chirps, (they sound like they're saying "beep beep beep") - they males sing a song to the females - sounds a little like a musical car alarm.  John loves them, and wants to adopt a few more. Could be dangerous for us to go there, because we both have a huge love of animals. I need to find a few more nests and then I may add a few more. 

Work is going good for me and good for John. Anywhere you work there is always going to be someone or something you don't like, such is life. 

The summer is going by very quickly it seems. Our crazy Minnesota weather didn't really give us a spring this year, it seems sort of like we jumped right from winter to summer. Now we're knocking on the door to Fall already. I've already heard several commercials  for the Minnesota State Fair.  We went last year, and although we had a nice time I wouldn't mind going again this year, but its not a do or die kind of thing. John and I have August 29th - September 2nd off work, so it COULD happen. We'll see. :) 

Crohn's is still under control, and this new thing, Gastroparisis is about as good as can be expected. 

Take care all! 

April Miller-Osbourne


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