Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sad Songs

Isn't it funny how music can evoke certain emotions? Specifically, music that makes you cry.  

Here are some songs that make me tear up every time. 

How Great Thou Art  - it doesn't matter who sings it, be it a church choir, Elvis Presley, etc. If I hear this song, its guaranteed that I will cry.  When my Grandma Maty died, she wanted it sang at her funeral, all 4 verses. Just thinking about it makes me tear up.  

Ashoken Farewell  - its an old civil war song my Dad found years ago that he just loves. I am able to make it through the song most days, some days not. He wants it played at his funeral, and he learned to play it on guitar.  

Puff the Magic Dragon - there is one part in the song, where the verse goes: "without his lifelong friend, Puff could not be brave...." this is how I felt when my Katie died.  As I type this tears are streaming down my face. Thus, I avoid this song. 

Old Rivers - a one hit wonder (I think?) from the 50's - makes me cry. 

Never Be This Young Again - Don't know who originally sang this, but my aunt and uncle sang it one time and the words really tell a story. Tears!

Take Your Memory With You - I love this song by Vince Gill. I discovered it right around the time I lose my sweet Rommy. If I am in the right mood, I will cry.

What song makes you cry?


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