Friday, September 11, 2015

The Osbourne Family Stick Lamp

So, John and I moved in to our 1st apartment together in October of 1995. Around that time frame, we also bought our first set of furniture together. The one piece of furniture we still own, is this stick lamp. 

We bought it at Home Depot for $14.95. We have changed the bulb in it once since we've owned it. Wednesday this week, the bulb burned out again. 

Now if you think about it, 2 bulbs since 1995 isn't bad. 

Here is how the conversation went when it blew out: 

April: Hey....John the stick lamp isn't working!

John: What?? (he hurries to the living room to inspect it)

April: See? (clicks it on and off)

John: Well, its probably the bulb. We changed it once before...remember? 

April: (Blank look) ....yeah

John: To be honest, I'm ready for a new living room lamp. 

April: John, we've had this lamp since we moved in together in 1995. We aren't getting rid of Sticky. (just named it that second)

John: (Hesitates)  Well, we could get a cool new living room lamp and then Sticky can go in my man cave. 

I'll be sure and update you all on the outcome of getting a new bulb for "Sticky", as I am sure you're all out there, dying to know how this story ends. 

Long live Sticky the stick lamp!


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