Friday, October 30, 2015

Wanna hear about my crappy morning?

Wanna hear about my crappy morning? 

So, John and I are driving down Central Avenue in North East Minneapolis, and are stopped by a train at 37th & Central. 

Okay, no biggie. 

But....the train isn't moving. 

At all. 

There is a semi to the right of us, the median on the left, car in front of us, truck behind us. 

We can't move. 

We sit in this position for AN HOUR. 

The train never moved an inch. Finally, The car in front of us and the semi beside us moved, so we were able to turn around and seek alternate routes. Whew. 

ding....ding....ding.....low tire pressure alert 



Pull in to a gas station, put in 4 quarters to get air for the ailing front tire. Air machine doesn't work. 

We drive a mile down the road to another gas station, and after driving in a circle in their lot, they don't have air. 

Drive another mile down the road and finally fill the tire. 

Neither John or I are in a good mood by this point, but at least I can say I made it to work. 

Did I mention I am really glad its friday? 


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