Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vacation to do list follow up post


I am proud to report that I got 95% of the to do list done.

Tomorrow is my last day of "vacation".

The following items did not get done:

Clean back yard, under deck
Clean silhouettes
Wash Eddie
Wash Camaro
Rommy bath
Paint hallway
Paint bathroom

Rommy bath and Silhouette thing still might happen. Not today though. Perhaps tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 12:30 I have to go get a Remicade infusion. (intravenious drug that helps shut off my Crohn's Disease). So tomorrow is probably out for the balance of the list. 

I had a feeling that those things were not going to happen anyway - they are the more yucky items.

on another note.....season premiere of Bones is almost upon us!


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