Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Married in Las Vegas

I got married in Las Vegas in April of 1997.

When John and I were 1st planning on getting married, we went to the church I went to from the time I was 4 to talk to my pastor, and to begin making plans. I went and was fitted for a custom wedding dress, chose invitations, all that stuff you do to plan a wedding. As I was doing this, 2 things occurred to me. #1. Its expensive (obviously) and #2. it seems like a lot of the things you do is more about everyone else than about the event itself, which is about you and the person you’re marrying.
So I took my Mom and Dad’s advise and began looking into getting married in Las Vegas. It seemed a lot more adventurous, and more about John and I than everyone else, which is sort of how I feel its suppose to be.
John and I got married at “Las Vegas Wedding Gardens”, and we stayed at The Riviera Hotel & Casino. I still think of the time we had there fondly, and I hope that the Riviera is there for a while because it would mean a lot to me to be able to stay there again and re-experience memories with John, and create new ones.


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