Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Loot!

Happy Holidays!

Hope you all got what you wanted from Santa! Here is my list of loot received:

Bones Season 5 (most desired item I might add)
Supernatural Season 5
Design Perfume  (my signature scent, which I was wearing on my 1st date w/John and on the day we got married)
Capricorn One DVD
Black fleece jammie pants w/white shirt
2 pair of purple fuzzy socks
Vanilla jasmine bath set
Lavendar vanilla bath set
Elvis Presley calendar
2 stockings full of every kind of chocolate imagineable
Boston Terrier socks
Rainbow socks
Fabrige egg pendant
20.00 target gift card
10.00 target gift card
Vanilla candle set
Banana coconut shampoo/conditioner, lotion, spray, and body wash
Reindeer blend whole bean Caribou Coffee
Nine West purple wallet (that matches my nine west purple purse!)

John's Loot (afterall,this is the OSBOURNE blog, not just April's)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 1
Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 2
2 star wars tee-shirts
2 star wars action figures (he's a collector)
1 star wars battle scene
Knife set
Nivea body wash/shave/shampoo
2 sets of socks
Grey sweatshirt/pullover
Maroon soft sweater
Turtles made with Cashews
Turtles made with Pecans
Chiltons 1996 Ford F150 manual
Lindor Truffles
Black fleece lounge pants
Ear buds for iPod

not a bad haul huh? :)


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