Wednesday, May 9, 2012

News of the Knee

Well my readers, its time for an April Update. (contain yourselves) 

Back in 1999, as I was getting out of the passenger side of my Ford Ranger, my right knee suddenly totally went all wonky on me and I fell. Its like my knee went sideways. Wow, that hurt. I slapped an ace bandage on that thing and called it good. I did go to the doctor and was told that I was fine, no worries. 

About 8-10 years later, it happened again - wow. Pain. Again, I went to the doctor and was told that I am okay. Nothing to worry about.  

Fast forward to April 24th. I had been pretty consistantly been working out on my elliptical, but thought I'd mix things up a bit and try some jumping jacks and follow it up with some of the excercises I learned to stregthen my back. 


My knee went all wonky again, only this time, I couldn't put weight on it at all anymore, it would totally not hold me up at all. 

I went to the doctor, got a knee brace, then a MRI. 

Diagnosis - torn ACL & meniscus. Not only was my ACL torn, it is gone. Doc said "You don't have an ACL" so evidently back in 1999 I tore it and it never healed. 

I need surgery so he can "rebuild" my ACL, and he'll also be inserting some titanium in there as well.  

If I don't do the surgery, I will have problems for the rest of my life, and as I get older I will be unable to have it repaired at all. I will also need to wear a brace for the rest of my life if I don't do the surgery. 

If I do the surgery (and I will),. I will be out of commission from driving/work for 1-2 weeks depending on my pain levels. (!!!!); and then 6-9 months until I am back to "normal". Surgery is "same day surgery", and I have it scheduled for May 30th. 

I am so irritated and mad about this.  

So that's the Knee news. 


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