Friday, October 5, 2012

Crohn's news

So I had that University of Minnesota colonscopy appointment. Awesome experience overall, very glad I went there instead of Minnesota Gastroenterology. 1 doctor was there STRICKLY to watch the monitor that showed the pictures from inside, 1 doctor was there to guide the scope, and 1 doctor was there just to watch my vitals. 

All in all, it went okay. Not fun by any means of the imagination, but you know. Okay. 

Anyway, I got the test results back on Monday night that I have Crohn's Disease (wooo, big surprise there), and that everything else was as expected. Great. 

SO I know I have to make an appointment with the new doc to follow up after the appointment, but have been working lots of overtime, been busy, bla bla bla. I get a call from the main Doctor that did the monitor watching. I guess there was a type/error on the test results I got. There is an "Indefinate Dispasia" which is medical jargon for "strange cells we don't know what they are, we're worried". So he goes on to ask me if I've set up the follow up appointment yet, and I told him no, I've been busy, and he is all hurry hurry rush rush gotta get you in quick quick quick, he will talk personally to this guy about this, bla bla bla. 


Then he tells me I may have to do the test again. Well SHIT. I don't want to do it AGAIN!! Augh.

* heavy sigh * 

Stupid Crohns.


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