Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26

Well friends,

Many of you know John was laid off around Memorial Day, and thankfully, he is getting unemployment, which is a LIFESAVER.  He is in sort of a specialized field, which depends on the construction industry. (He is a finisher/industrial sprayer).

He has been officially called back to work around the 2-3rd week in September.

Meanwhile, I've maxed out my line of credit with Wells Fargo (except for 300 bucks as a emergency cusion); my truck needs a repair that, THANK GOD my Uncle can take care of, instead of having to go the garage; every week when payday rolls around, I am hoping for an extra few bucks so John and I can go out on a date or do something, but usually wind up with JUST enough, to tide us over until next payday.

The Minnesota State Fair is starting and I'd give anything to go, I want a pronto pup, some cheese curds, some mini doughnuts, maybe some other crap food on a stick. No funds for it this year. 

Because I have Crohn's disease, I have to try and watch my stress levels, because stress can really kick it into high gear.  I really don't want to, but I am seriously considering seeing a 2nd form of employment, primarily, because I am going to have to visit the food shelf this week, as we don't have quite enough for all th grocerys we need, espicially if my Uncle is going to fix my truck Monday of next week. Which is going to be an extra 150-200 bucks.

I know my body probably can't take on the stress a 2nd job would create, but neither can it afford the stress of mounting unpaid bills. 

I try to stay positive, to remember that there's a brand new day on the horizon, but even I get to have a bad attitude somedays. Today is my day to be negative.

thanks for listening!


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