Tuesday, November 13, 2012


On my drive to work today, I was thinking about how people turn out.

2 people, raised the same way, given the same things, shown the same moral values - how is it possible that one skews so far to the side and one turns out fairly normal?

Everyone basically knows right from wrong. How can someone justify intentionally hurting other people? Specifically family members?  People you're suppose to love no matter what?

Everyone knows how Karma works.

If you set out to intentionally hurt someone, and deep down, you KNOW its wrong, yet do it anyway out of jealousy, hurt, fear or a false sense of entitlement, regardless your motives, it WILL turn around and bite you in the ass eventually.

Every time.


There is no escaping it.

Even if you've been wronged by someone, it doesn't make it okay or right to lash out and hurt people back.

Eventually, down the road, after the hurts have been doled out, and you get bit in the ass from Karma, you will then cry to anyone who will listen how now YOU'VE been hurt, not looking back at what you yourself have done to others.

People need to learn how to take responsibilty for their actions. If someone screws up, admit it. Apologize when you've done wrong. Move on.

If someone is in your life that does nothing but hurt you time after time, then you can continue to allow it to happen, or close the door to that person.

I think often how I've been hurt. I try not to dwell the pain I've been given by those who are suppose to love me. But its hard.

thanks for listening.


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