Thursday, June 20, 2013

Case of the missing song

So by now, you've surmised I am a Elvis Presley fan.

Naturally, I have numerous Elvis Presley CD's with a variety of his music ranging from early 50's to late 70's.

I have an iPod and and iPhone. My music is with me always as such.

I don't know if its happened to any of you, but occasionally a song is eaten by the iTunes monster and I have to find it for iTunes and show it where the file is so it will once again appear in my musical device.

Song in question this time: King of the Road by Elvis Presley.

I don't know where I got the song originally, as I couldn't find it on any of my CD's, and evidently I didn't download it from iTunes.

Dad to the rescue.

I emailed him my situation and within 30 minutes I had an email response with the attachement I needed! Just like that, "King of the Road" is back in my musical directory.

Thanks Dad!


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