Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jax vs Booth vs Dean

So I was watching Sons of Anarchy yesterday, and the thought popped into my head, out of my 3 favorite shows, which lead actor would win?

Round 1:

Jax vs Booth = In this round, I am confident in saying Jax would beat Booth. Hands down.

Round 2:

Jax vs Dean =  tough call, but I am going to say Dean would win, for the simple reason he has Castiel as the ultimate back up, plus supernatural type weapons. Also, I sort of  feel that even if he didn't win per se, Jax wouldn't waste much of his time with Dean.

Round 3:

Booth vs Dean =  similar to round 2, I am going to go with Dean on this one. Same arguments.

I'd like to think that Booth could win out over all the above, I think ultimately, Dean Winchester is a smarter,more cunning adversary with a unique arsenal at his disposal that neither Jax or Both have.

Silly blog post? Probably, but ya know what? my blog, my rules. :)

Have a nice day. :)


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