Monday, February 4, 2013

Land of Osbourne update

Friends, Romans, Countryman.... 

I figure I am due for a "Real Life" update as opposed to the quirky, positive, introspective things I've been posting. 

When we last spoke, I'd updated you guys on my friend Sharon Gammell, who was dying. I am sad to report that she is gone from this world, and is lucky enough to have gotten to go home. I miss her every day. 

John got a great job offer from his previous employer, Aaron Carlson, and jumped at the chance to work for them again. He is the supervisor of the finishing department. We ride share now, which is great. It takes me approximately 7 minutes to get from his work to mine.  Its really nice to have him with me to and from work. The commute isn't so boring when you have someone to talk with whose company you enjoy. 

I am now on the warpath with Wells Fargo. 

I made a mistake while using Wells Fargo Online Billpay on Friday January 18th. Instead of making the $199.36 payment, I inputted $1999.36. YIKES!

I caught the error within 24 hours, yet Wells Fargo was unable to stop or cancel the transaction. (even though Monday January 21st was a bank holiday also I might add) 

Wells Fargo as of today still has not only gotten me my money back, they also have not been able to answer my question as to WHY was that amount taken from my checking account when I didn't have the funds to support it? I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with the Minnesota Attorney General. Needless to say, upon completion of getting this mess straightened out I will no longer be using Wells Fargo for my banking needs.  

Anyway, that is all that is happening with me. 

Take care! 


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