Wednesday, February 13, 2013


You're going to love this. 

So this morning, we stopped at this coffee shop across the road from Aaron Carlson. John always gets a Mocha, I always get a cup of light roast, extra cream. 


So its really quiet in there, and the coffee guy had run in the other room for a minute to get something. 

As we're standing there waiting, I was sort of just looking around. 

A movement caught my eye near the floor. 


A little grey mouse scurried from one side of their kitchen to the other. 

When the guy came back I debated saying something. 

I didn't. 

Good thing I am not squeamish about that sort of thing. 

If it were a huge bug, well...then I would have been all girly girl. (says the gal who has a tarantula and a python....) 


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