Thursday, February 28, 2013

This & That....

Hi Guys,

Here are some little "April Updates" for you all.

First, I'd like to thank Harley Davidson for finally sending me that check back that I messed up on and that Wells Fargo did nothing on. Thanks. I am going to now be thrilled to pay Mom and Dad back as well as my cousin Heather & Mike. It makes me nuts to owe money to people I love.

Second, I made my 2nd opinion help me my knee is screwed up appointment. That is for Tuesday March 12th. That is the first available appointment they had, so hopefully my knee and I can reach some sort of understanding. . .

Dear Right Knee, 

I'm sorry. Things haven't worked out quite as I'd hoped these last 10 months or so. I think I can say that its a little of my fault and a little of yours, yes? Sure, I probably should have kept up with the knee exercises that the physical therapist gave me, but in my defense, things have been a little busy. You though, I think we can both agree that you could have tried to hold up your end of the bargain too. Now, little knee, I am sad to say we are going to have to go see another knee cutter opener. Hey, maybe I am wrong here, you know? Maybe some exercises will do it, but....lets not kid ourselves, okay? I am fairly certain there is a problem in there. I am going to try and take it easy on you, and see how nice I am? I got you a nice new brace. Also, your sister Left Knee has been pulling a lot of overtime and extra weight, so lets just give her a quick shout out of thanks too - way to be a team player Left Knee. Good job. 

Thanks Knees - me

I had a Remicade infusion yesterday afternoon. Boring, but uneventful.

Tomorrow (cue violins), I get to have a colonoscopy with chronograph, AND the cherry on top is an endoscope! Yay! So you know what that means right? Yes, as of midnight last night no food, and TONIGHT is PREP night! We all know how FUN that is! I'll post a funny story on prep for your enjoyment later on. So I have the day off tomorrow. After the drugs wear off, and I have something to eat, I have a TON of housework to do. (yes, I promise to be careful with my knee).

Thanks for reading. :)


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