Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Katie Goose

This morning at 3am Katie was laying next to me, and woke me when she had a seizure.  

It lasted a few minutes, her little tongue was sticking out a little, and she was drooling.

 She was a little tired for a bit after, then she got up, got a drink of water, wanted to go potty outside, wanted a cookie, then hopped back up on the bed to lick. (she licks everything). 

I called the Vet, they said that sometimes in older dogs, they can develop epilepsy. 

Its nothing I did wrong, and it doesn't mean she is going to die tomorrow.  

If she has another one this week, I should bring her in for blood work, but she probably (hopefully), won't have one for a few months, but to just watch her. 

I've been crying all morning.


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