Saturday, March 2, 2013

Take me out back and shoot me....


Well, yesterday was my colonoscopy and endoscopy.

As expected, the colonoscopy was the same ol same ol. Biopsies taken. Sent to lab. Don't call us, we'll call you. Only difference this time was they shot a bunch of blue dye in there so it looked like I ate a smurf. (When I told this to John, he suggested it was probably Clumsy Smurf, I concur).

Anyway, I had my first upper endoscopy. From everything I've read and heard, it should have been a breeze. (cue forboding music).

Okay. So they did the endoscopy 2nd, since I already would have had sedatives in me, to help pave the way.

The doctor shot some crappy tasting stuff in the back of my throat, and put some sort of mouth guard in. (so I woudln't bite someone?)

I didn't quietly relax as they did this, as I'd feared. Dispite the numbing stuff, I still gagged and struggled. It was horrible. They wound up giving me more sedatives, and thats about all I remember. I do remember hearing them tell me a few times: "April, you need to keep breathing, come on, big deep breaths".

I read over the medical gibberish that was given to me when I was sent home. I had to get a special decoder ring to understand it, and still I am perplexed. Nothing different on the Crohns thing, but the other end, from what I gather, my stomach is inflamed, and part of my esophagus is narrowing. (wtf?)

So I have a cat scan next friday morning to check out the esophagus deal. Then the week after that I get to meet with the doc to see what all this crap means.

Like I said.....time to take me out back and shoot me.....


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