Friday, March 15, 2013

Kneeful update

Hi Guys,

Well, I have kneeful news.

I met with this super awesome specialist, one of the top knee surgeons in the State of Minnesota on Tuesday, where she and another collegue surgeon as well as a nurse did a battery of tests on my knee.

Good News: I have not lost any strength at all in my knee, leg, or butt. YAY me.

That's about as far as the good news goes.

If I am really lucky, I tore my ACL again. (uplifting thought huh?)

If I am not so lucky, I stretched the replacement ACL out.

Not so lucky, you wonder? Why not so lucky?


Well, because one of the treatment options for that would be to cut a chunk of my tibia off, and put the whole mess back together again, thus preventing my knee from hyperextending, and causing further problems.

Doesn't that sound just horrible? I can't imagine not only the pain levels but the rehab for that. Yikes!

Hence my statement of if I am LUCKY, all I did was tear my ACL. Then I'll have another round of ACL surgery.

Who wants to get the gun to take me out back?

Anyway, I have to schedule a MRI so they can see what's what.

.....hey....maybe I'll get upgraded parking?


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