Monday, February 25, 2013

Calla, the little flower

Once upon a time, there was a tiny little flower named Calla. 

That little flower looked over and hey, there is another little flower I can talk to and be friends with. 

As the 2 flowers grew, a lot of weeds and rocks got in the way. The little flowers were patient though, and grew past the obstacles. 

Calla was strong despite life's droughts and floods. Many times, it looked as though Callas stem was going to break, but Calla kept her head high and bloomed anyway.

Sometimes, her little friend was there, cheering her on, but as life moved on, Calla became less important to her old friend. The more droughts, weeds, and lack of fertilizer her friend had, the less important Calla became. 

Calla remained patient for a long time. Eventually Calla lost patience and leaned towards other flowery friends she knew she was important to, in both good times and bad. 

Calla liked having friends who didn't forget her regardless of life's challenges. Weeds, drought, no fertilizer, floods, nothing kept her other flowery friends away.

As Calla leaned towards other friends and experienced life with them, her old friend would notice and try to be the flower it once was. 

But it was too late. Calla learned that this flower couldn't change its nature, that flower was of a totally different species than Calla was. 

It was what it was.

And that is okay. 

Calla mourned the loss of her old flowery friend she'd known for so long, Calla could see that her friend wasn't the flower it use to be, but had turned into a different kind of flower altogether. 

But Calla was a strong flower. She had a very strong stem, and a very strong root system. Calla came from a long line of very strong flowers. She knew what she needed and knew who she was important to. 

Calla would often gaze off into the distance, and see her old friend, whose stem wasn't as strong, whose colors not as bright, whose root system was not as deep, and sometimes even saw a glimmer of that that flower could become or use to be. 

Calla went on, living a long flowery life, being all the flower she could be, and wished only the best for her old flowery friend, even if she couldn't be a part of that flowers world. 


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